Can your Flashlight do this?
Can Your Flashlight do this?
  • Manufactured and assembled in the United States of America.

The most innovative user interfaces available are found on Reflex Flashlights.  We have pioneered the concept of an easily customized flashlight that allows you to select the modes that you want.  All of our flashlights are customizable with no cables or software to buy.  We have also invented concepts like controlling a duty size light with both a front ring as well as a tail cap switch.  We have tactical lights with an electronic switch on the tailcap for better control and no more double clicking to change modes.  Finally we pioneered the concept of time based lighting, where you specify how long you want the light to last for and it will check the battery and give you constant light for the time you selected.  We are busy working on the next generation concepts so expect new things in the future.